Cooking 101: Achievements

Spoilers ahead!

Wonder how you get all the achievements? Here's a small guide on getting each.

Earn a maximum amount of stars from one order.

Get 4 stars for serving a customer by getting right all 3 stats and modifier. You can see the amount you will get on the cash register.

So Close...
Your dish is perfect!.. Except for the modifier.

Serve a dish, that gets right all 3 stats but misses on the modifier

Fill your screen with identical cards.

The first 10 cards you have must be the same type. The stats can be different.

World Record
Longer than the customer!

Serve a dish, that is so long, that it hides the customer.


-777. Now you are on your own, bye!

Get -777 stars. You can do this by constantly rerolling (clicking the cash register without using any cards).
Fun fact: this achievement was supposed to disable card drops, hence the description.

Master Chef

Get 10000 stars by, well, playing the game.

Have fun!

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